EXPLOR Space BioGravity™ Platform

The BioGravity Platform for Gravitational Unloading
The Modern Laboratory of BioSpace Labs at Western Michigan University Medical Innovation Center conducts stem cell, bacteria, macrophage, cancer cell and exosome testing with modern DNA sequencers connected to the EXPLOR BioGravity Platform.

EXPLOR Space BioGravity™ Platform

Delighted to compare the old Random Positioning Machine (RPM) by Airbus that’s now in it’s new home at Yuri Gravity –against the new EXPLOR Space BioGravity™  Platform. We just installed the BioGravity Platform at the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker Medical Innovation Center run by Dr. James Secrest and couldn’t be more pleased.

Both companies hope to advance biotechnology by utilizing the unique environment of space launching life science experiment on microgravity platforms. For clients such as NASA, ESA, DLR or LSA, the pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline or research institutes like UCLA, UTS Sydney or the Charité Berlin, simulated microgravity experiments combine all the benefits of microgravity space flight with none of the delays, beurocratic safety measures or duration limits.

The hallmarks of studying biology in microgravity include:

low fluid shear

lack of sedimentation

low turbulence

Again, both the EXPLOR BioGravity™ Platform and the AirBus by Yuri are the newest instrument versions enabling partial gravity support (0g – 0.9g) and come with pre-installed RPM control software and user manual, remote online installation/training session, shipping container and transport. (Some read gravitational unloading approaching the figure of ten to the negative 3)

Here are the key differences:

Purchase Cost:
AirBus by Yuri RPM:
45.900 euro (exclusive of taxes and/or duties).
Please note the VAT and Duties may add 25%

EXPLOR BioGravity™ Platform
$25,000 USD (inclusive of all taxes and no import duties)
-$10,000 Academic or Non-Profit Discount
No VAT or Duties to North American Clients

AirBus by Yuri RPM Ships From Southern Germany
EXPLOR BioGravity™ Platform Ships from Michigan USA

EXPLOR BioGravity™ Platform offers overnight replacement, next business day.

** AirBus by Yuri RPM RPM 2.0 Rental
The one-time initial starting costs are 4,990 euro and the yearly costs are 9,960 euro (830 euro per month). ie. 18 months’ rent would cost: 19.930 euro. (All prices are exclusive of taxes and/or duties).
Please note the VAT and Duties may add 25%

EXPLOR BioGravity™ Platform Rental
The one-time initial starting costs are $2500 and the yearly costs are $10,000 US for Academia and Non-Profit ( $1041 per month total- all taxes included.)

US Exchange Rate is 1.18 dollars to the Euro as of this writing.



Frank Pournelle

Chief Commercial Officer

BioGravity LLC

Microgravity & Cell Division