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What Is an Explor Space BioGravity™ RPM Machine?

The Random Positioning Machine (RPM) was developed by Dr. Joshua Chou at University Technology Sydney to do bioengineering experiments in zero or reduced gravity here on Earth without going into space.

Ready to Launch in 10 minutes! The Explor Microgravity RPM uses random positioning to simulate gravitational unloading in cells.

The RPM rotates any enclosed experiment ‘randomly’ to minimize the influence of Earth’s gravity, thereby simulating what would be experienced in space. The BioGravity successfully simulate zero gravity, typically referred to as microgravity or in biology, known as gravitational unloading. The newer RPM can additionally simulate partial gravity, which is between 0g and 1g. Uniquely the BioGravity Platform can approach 10-3.

A look at lung cells after gravitational unloading before and after simulated microgravity using the Explor RPM

A random positioning machine, or RPM, rotates biological samples along two or more independent axes to change their orientation in space in complex ways and so eliminate the effect of gravity.



PURCHASE A BIOGRAVITY™ PLATFORM with a $10,000 discount for academia or non-profit.

COMMISSION A BIOGRAVITY™ EXPERIMENT WITH CLINICAL OR END-TO-END VERIFICATION FROM $15,000 USD Conducted at the integrated with the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine Innovation Center.

BIOGRAVITY™ PLATFORM fits inside most standard cell culture incubators. Samples in 96 Well Plates or 250mL BioReactor Platforms are standard. Platform rated to 400 grams of total sample load. Larger capacity designs available including our MERLIN pre-flight microgravity platform. Radiation tested. Rated to over 3,000 hours continuous use. Calibrated g performance to 10-3. Software included. Free shipping within 48 hours. Overnight replacement guarantee. Machined in Japan. Assembled and landed in USA. No tariff, import duties or VAT taxes. 1 Protein Synthesis/Fold Experiment Included. Training included. The BioGravity Platform is the exclusive licensee in North America for sales and service of the EXPLOR Space Simulated Microgravity RPM by biomedical engineer Dr. Joshua Chou at University Technology Sydney. Bulk discount on 10 or more serial-linked platforms. Rental, purchase or commission credit for simulated microgravity experiments applied toward later experiment flight on the International Space Station (ISS) when booked through BioGravity, LLC flight partners and integration specialists.

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