Welcome to BioGravity

We are a Discovery Biomedical Research Laboratory in Kalamazoo Michigan located at the Western Michigan Medical School Innovation Center. Our specialties are growing your cells using scalable and repeatable microgravity, in a process of gravitational unloading we call BioGravity™

In partnership with Dr Joshua Chou and University of Technology Sydney we oversee and conduct space biology experiments in simulated microgravity to advance medical therapies in cancer tumors, cell therapies, stem cell and exosome research. Our scientists are adept at radiation, small molecule, cytokine and brain barrier consulting.

We offer rental, leasing, purchase and advanced integration of the Explor Space BioGravity Platform.

BioGravity™ and the BioGravity™ RPM Machine are trademarked by BioGravity LLC.

We also offer multiple 250mL Bioreactors available for studies in simulated Microgravity allowing for Stem Cell Growth with real time monitoring including on-chip flow cytometry, tissue scaffold growth, near perfect protein crystal growth. and anything else you can imagine.

Michigan Space Station also offers on-station and ground control experiments in parallel or in real time aboard the Interrnational Space Station.

Enjoy our orbiting laboratory under microgravity conditions and run your terrestrial laboratory concurrently

By offering novel discovery paths utilizing realtime data collection in microgravity our expertise will speed your developments in molecular biology, cell therapy, crystal growth.

Receive a comprehensive discovery toolkit with a single meeting enjoyed by scientists, companies, and universities alike. Our new set of solutions include structured innovation partnerships, investor-friendly presentations as well as foundational and family office non-profit tax opportunities.

Frank Pournelle Chief Commercial Officer BioGravity LLC Microgravity & Cell Division NOVEL LAB + PRE-CLINIC DISCOVERY 800-334-4500 frank@biotech-net.com