April 24, 2024

Join BioGravity™ for the Human Future

Join us for ASBX 2021, the world’s biggest, most inclusive and forward-thinking gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers, scientists, researchers, astronauts, academics across the world of space biology and health technologies in Australia!

We actually met Dr. Chou last year during the Australia Space Biology Conference. From that meeting you might recognize that Michigan Space Station and BioGravity™ are now in partnership with Dr. Joshua Chou developing North American opportunities with the EXPLOR SPACE BIOGRAVITY™ PLATFORM.

That’s why it’s our pleasure to invite you to attend the 2021 Australian Space Biology Symposium (ASBS) for free.

Established in 2019 with the vision of bringing together the international research and industry community, ASBX, EXPLOR and BioGravity™ hope to bridge the gap between basic science and technology for humans in space.

In turn, we are banking that these technologies can be applied here on Earth in our lifetimes.

This year, the Australian Space Biology x Health Summit (ASBX) hopes to inspire our audience yet again to “think further” about the big questions of humanity and space. What exactly is the next big discovery waiting in space biology?

Similarly in 2020, the first Australian Space Health Symposium (ASHS) embraced the theme of “how to thrive, not just survive”. These two paths have converged in ASBX 2021. 

Bringing in the innovation and problem-solving possibilities in the space STEM arena and you have the most forward-thinking space summit in the Southern Hemisphere.

Join us and see for yourself the endless possibilities of space biology and health.