July 23, 2024

BioGravity Explores Secretomes produced at Different Unloading Parameters to See How They Change our Teeth.

Using the Explor Space BioGravity™ R.P.M. Platform at the Western Michigan University Medical Innovation Center, Dr. James Secrest will begin 2022 studying the secretions of mouse teeth to expand our knowledge as to the effects microgravity and space travel will have on astronauts.

As background dental calculus (DC) is a common deposit in periodontitis patients. Dental calculus is calcified dental plaque, composed primarily of calcium phosphate mineral salts deposited between and within remnants of formerly viable microorganisms. A viable dental plaque covers mineralized calculus deposits.

Dr. Secrest will be overseen by Dr. Joshua Chou at the University Technology Sydney.

The work originates from a recent paper in the International Journal of Molecular Science:

The Role of Cytokines Produced via the NLRP3 Inflammasome
in Mouse Macrophages Stimulated with Dental Calculus
in Osteoclastogenesis.